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Astronomy Class, Week 8: Solar System; Planetary Formation; Terrestrial & Jovian Planets

Read Chapters 6-10 in the textbook (The Essential Cosmic Perspective, 7th edition, Bennett et al, 2014).

View Astronomy Lecture 7 slides.

Read about the Solar System at

Check out the relative sizes of the planets in this image.

Learn about Planetary Formation at the

Watch this video on the Formation of Earth and Other Planets on YouTube.

Learn the difference between Terrestrial and Jovian planets at this PBS website and this UNI website.

Watch this YouTube video on the Terrestrial Planets

Watch this YouTube video on the Jovian Planets.

Post about what you've learned this week in the Astronomy Week 8 Forum on Sakai (no later than next Monday).

Take Week 8 Quiz on Sakai.