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Keys - Please return the lockbox keys to the box immediately after opening the house, in case you lock yourselves out. There is a key in the blue “House Rules” binder on the kitchen coundter for your daily use. Please return that key to this binder on the kitchen counter when you check out. If you lose any keys, please contact us immediately so we can make arrangements to replace them.

Heat / AC - Feel free to keep the thermostat at a comfortable setting. We do ask that you refrain from having the heat or air conditioning on at any time when the windows or doors are open, or when you leave the house for any length of time. When you check out, please be sure to turn the system OFF (from May to September), or set the heat to its lowest setting of 50 degrees F (from October to April).

Trash - The trash will be collected by Sunriver Disposal (541.382.6660) every Friday morning. Please leave all trash closed tightly in plastic trash bags in the upright trash can in the gated enclosure outside the garage. Make sure the lid is sealed tightly on the can to prevent animals from getting in.

Quiet Hours - Out of respect for the rights and comfort of our neighbors, please keep noise levels to a minimum between the hours of 10 p.m. and 7 a.m.  If we receive complaints from the neighbors due to disrespectful, loud, or continuous noise we will ask you to vacate the property immediately.

Gas Fireplace (upstairs) - The gas fireplace is available for your use. The on/off switch is just to the right of the fireplace on the wall.

Wood Stove (downstairs) – The wood stove instructions are on green paper under the TV stand to the right of the wood stove. It works pretty much like a fireplace. Please be very careful!

Grill - The propane grill is provided for your use on the back deck. As a fire safety precaution please keep the grill at least two feet away from the house while lighting and using it.  Always open and close the valve on the propane tank before and after each use to prevent gas leakage. Please clean the grill after each use. There is a spare propane tank in the garage in case the primary one runs out. Please notify us if you change out the tank during your stay.

Hot Tub – The hot tub cover is locked for your family’s protection. The key to the padlock is with the house key in the House Rules binder on the kitchen counter. The hot tub has a built-in ozonator, and a service person comes out once a week for maintenance, so you don’t need to do anything to it. Please just set the temperature to 90 degrees F in between uses, and 80 degrees F upon your departure. If the hot tub needs attention during your stay, please call H2O Specialties at 541.593.1239.

Deck Chair Cushions – Seat cushions for the deck chairs are stacked in the corner to the left of the door to the deck. Please return them to this location when you leave.