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    Are Science & Religion in Conflict?

    Dr. Wickman explores various aspects of the perceived dichotomy between science and religion, and shows that when understood properly, there is no real conflict between the two.
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    Are We Alone in the Universe? (click to download)

    One of the biggest questions in life has to do with the vastness of the universe. If this place is so huge, maybe there are other intelligent beings out there somewhere. The vastness of the universe is impossible to comprehend. Every year thousands of people report UFO sightings. Ninety-five percent are accounted for as man-made objects or natural phenomenon. But as many as 5 percent are inexplicable... What are they?
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    Christians & Climate Change (click to download)

    “Climate change” is trending the wrong direction to simply be dismissed as a natural variation in earth’s weather patterns. Historical evidence shows that Earth has enjoyed a relatively stable, temperate climate for the last twelve thousand years or so. Trends in ice-core samples & geological evidence, as well as in Milankovitch cycles, show that Earth should be close to the brink of another ice age. Yet the rate & duration of warming of the 20th century was much greater than in any of the previous nine centuries, & the current rate of warming is unprecedented in at least 20,000 years.
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    Cultivating a Personal Environmental Ethic (click to download)

    Sometimes it seems like the popular media constantly inundates our society with rhetoric about saving “Mother Earth”, and the “Gaia Hypothesis” that the entire earth and everything on it should be thought of as a single organism. Don’t we humans have a higher calling from God to be good stewards of the rest of his creation? Since God called his creation “good”, shouldn’t we respect and care for it all the more? What is a proper perspective toward the earth for a Christ-follower?
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    Exploring Wonders of Creation through the Lens of Science (click to download)

    Is it a mere coincidence that modern science arose in Western Europe? How does the inductive process of the Scientific Method work? Are Science and Theology really at odds with each other? Is there any common ground in today's marketplace of ideas? Questions of probabilities, random chance and the multiverse hypothesis are discussed.
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    How Do We Know God Exists? (click to download)

    One of the most basic of the big, existential questions is the question of: "How can we know that God exists?" This lecture explores the various arguments, as well as the evidence.
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    Living & Working in Space (click to download)

    Opening with with an overview of the history of human spaceflight, this lecture addresses the physical and psychological challenges associated with living and working in space.
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    My Aerospace Career (click to download)

    My interest in space started at an early age, when my father would take us kids outside on clear, starry nights to look at the moon, stars, and planets through his telescope. Through this talk, I hope to inspire young people to find their passions and follow their dreams.
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    My Life in Sports & Aerospace (click to download)

    I was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, on the northern edge of the Olympic Peninsula, near Vancouver Island. I was kind of a "tom-boy", growing up with brothers. I never doubted that I could do everything the boys did...
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    Planet Earth: Lucky Accident? (click to download)

    Scientific evidence shows that the earth is not just barely, but rather is overwhelmingly, well-suited for life. Consider this quote from Science Historian Frederic Burnham in an article by David Briggs on Science, Religion, and the Big Bang in the LA Times: The idea that God created the universe is "a more respectable hypothesis today than at any time in (the) last 100 years." Scientists are perpetually amazed by the intricate detail and complexity of everything we study, yet it all fits together seamlessly in a perfectly balanced, synergistic system.
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    Who Is Jesus? (click to download)

    Jesus of Nazareth is easily the most revolutionary figure in all of human history. Author Paul Little writes: ‘his arrival on earth “split time in two… It changed the world’s calendar and altered its mores.” Many people would like to think that Jesus was simply a good teacher, but is that all he claimed to be? This presentation gives an objective overview of the historical evidence for the claims of Jesus and his followers. Was Jesus myth, mystic, menace, madman, or Messiah?