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Possession Beach Retreat Check-In / Check-Out

Check-In:  3:00 P.M.

When you arrive, please inspect the cabin for cleanliness. If anything is unacceptable or not in good working order, please call us.

There is a key above the counter in the laundry room for you to use while you’re here (please leave it there when you depart). After you first come in, please immediately return the house key to the lock box for the next guests (and just in case you lock yourselves out!).

Please take your shoes off while inside the house in order to protect our floors! :-)

Check the tap for hot water.  If the water does not run hot within a few seconds check the circuit breaker panel in the laundry room.  The water heater may have been turned off to conserve power.

Check-Out:  11:00 A.M.

Before your departure please be sure to do the following:

  1. Wash and put away dishes.
  2. Place all of the trash in closed plastic trash-bags and pack out with you.
  3. Strip used sheets & pillow cases off all beds & leave in the laundry room.
  4. Start one load of laundry (sheets and/or towels).
  5. Sign our guestbook! :-)
  6. Leave one housekey in the lock box, and one on the wall in the laundry room.
  7. Leave by 11:00 A.M.

No Early Check-In or Late Check-Out.