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Keys - Please return the lock box keys to the box immediately after opening the house. There is a set of keys hanging on the wall in the laundry room for your daily use.  Please return them to the hook on the wall when you check out. If you lose the daily keys please contact us immediately so we can make arrangements to replace them.


Fireplace / Wood Stove – Feel free to use the fireplace/wood stove. Open the vent by pushing the air control rod below the door inward before lighting a fire. Keep the glass door closed tightly at all times.

Grill - The charcoal BBQ grill is provided for your use on the outside porch. As a fire safety precaution please move the grill at least 2 feet away from the wall prior to lighting the grill. Please clean the grill after each use.

Heating / Furnace - Feel free to keep the thermostat at a comfortable setting.  We do ask that you refrain from leaving the heat on at any time when the windows or doors are open, or when you leave the cabin for any length of time.  When you check out, please be sure to set the thermostat to its lowest setting of 50 degrees F.

Septic System - The septic system is very effective, however it will clog up if improper material is flushed.  Please do not flush anything into the system other than biodegradable toilet paper. Also, be careful to remove hair from the shower and tub drains to prevent clogs. Do NOT use any type of drain clog remover in sinks, shower, tub, or toilets, as it will destroy the septic system.

Insects - As a normal part of country living, it is possible that you will see a few insects in the house. Please inspect all areas for insects upon your arrival.

Trash – Due to the remote location and lack of door to dump trash services, please pack all of your trash out yourselves. Please do not place any trash in the trash cans near the parking lot, as these cans belong to other residents.

Compost Bin – Do NOT put any type of trash in the compost bin near the back door. Only biodegradable food waste may be placed into the compost bin.

Quiet Hours - Out of respect for the rights and comfort of our neighbors, please keep noise levels to a minimum between the hours of 10 pm and 7 am. If we receive complaints from the neighbors due to disrespectful or loud behavior we will ask you to vacate the property immediately.

Our Beach – Each home on Possession Beach Walk owns its own waterfront and tidelands; this is NOT a public access beach. As such, any use of the beach or yards other than directly in front of this home constitutes trespassing, so please be courteous of this. You are welcome to stroll up and down the walkway, but please be respectful of our neighbors’ homes and privacy.