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We hope you enjoy your stay and will plan to return soon.

There is a key on the wall above the counter in the laundry room for you to use while you’re here (please leave it there when you depart). After you first come in, please immediately return the entry key to the lock box in case you lock yourselves out.

Please take your shoes off while inside the house in order to protect our brand new floors!

The main thing you need to know about the house is that it’s on a septic system, so the only thing that can go into the toilets (or sinks) is water and biodegradable toilet tissue.  Please use only biodegradable detergent in the sinks and washing machine.

There are matched sets of sheets provided for each bed in each of the respective bedroom closets. There are towels in the bathroom closet (downstairs) and bathroom cupboards (upstairs). 

There is a wagon stored in the shed just to the north of the back door for you to use to transport your belongings between the house and the parking lot. Please keep the wagon safely stored in the shed in between uses.

Please be sure to leave the house in good condition, including:

  1. Wagon safely stored in the shed;
  2. All trash removed from the premises;
  3. All dishes and utensils properly washed and returned to their cabinets;
  4. Used sheets & pillow cases stripped off all beds & left in laundry room:
  5. One load of laundry (sheets and/or towels) started before you leave;
  6. Keys left hanging on the laundry room wall & in the lock box;
  7. No linens lost or damaged;
  8. No carpets stained;
  9. No early check-in or late checkout;
  10. No damage or loss to the unit or its contents.

In renting the house you agree to assume full and complete liability for any injuries, damages, or other adverse effects resulting from your own actions, so be careful!

Absolutely No Smoking in the House!

Most importantly, have fun and enjoy your stay!

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