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We hope you enjoy your stay and will plan to return soon!

There is a key in the blue "House Rules" binder on the kitchen counter for you to use while you’re at the house (please leave it there when you depart). After you first arrive, please immediately return the house key to the lock box, just in case you lock yourselves out!

Please take your shoes off while inside the house, in order to minimize wear and tear on the floors. :-)

There are extra sheets and blankets in the bedroom closets, as well as in the downstairs linen closet. There are towels in the bathroom closet (upstairs) and the linen closet (downstairs). There are rags (should you need them) in the laundry room cupboards.

Please leave the house in good condition, including:

  1. Taking out all trash (trash is picked up every Friday from the garbage can in the gated enclosure on the side of the garage);
  2. Start one load of laundry (sheets and/or towels) before you leave;
  3. Keys are left on the kitchen counter and in the lock box;
  4. No linens, towels, or any other items are lost or damaged;
  5. No early check-in or late checkout;
  6. No damage or loss occurs to the unit or its contents, beyond normal wear & tear;
  7. No charges are incurred due to contraband, pets, or collection of rents or services rendered during your stay;
  8. Renters are not evicted by the owner (or owner's representative), or by law enforcement personnel

In renting the house you agree to assume full and complete liability for any injuries, damages, or other adverse effects resulting from your own actions. BE CAREFUL!

Absolutely No Smoking in the House!

Most importantly, have fun, enjoy your stay, and come back soon!

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